Natural Therapy for arthritis

Get relief from arthritis naturally

Patients suffering from arthritis need to give special attention to their diet. They have to include at least 80% alkaline food items in their normal diet, and should avoid foods which are of acidic in nature. By regular naturopathic treatment from Praanah such as massage therapy, mud therapy,yoga and meditation, fomentation of the joints where swelling and pain is present, besides application of cold pack/hot pack, alongwith giving steam bath, full tub bath and epsom salt bath helps you to maintain and stimulate the immunity system. Other conventional medications only cure the joint damages and pain, it doesn’t cure other body malfunctions which may again lead to arthritis disease. By changing our food habits and performing exercises regularly and taking naturopathic treatment we can help you to cure all your difficulties.

Praanah is the best place to experience harmless, tested, and trusted Naturopathy treatment .


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